Smart Grids and the Role of Virtual Power Plant Platforms


It’s about generating energy and meeting the grid requirements affordably. Nothing in the market should prevent people to collectively get such goals in line with grid operators expectations in the best possible manner.

AMBER TS, 2019

Densely populated regions, smart cities and developing countries have several focal points to secure their grid growth prospects: 

1. Optimization the grid expansion: With the use of Smart Metering Systems (SMS) on the grid, analysis of the line voltage data, allocation of loads to where there are plausible connection points for new capacity and better planning of the maintenance and optimization of transportation and distribution resources and costs.

2. Improvement of the grid flexibility: by redistributing energy resource pools in real-time short intervals, allowing to adjust power generation and consumption as the basis for controlling multi-port assets.

3. Secure affordable and sustainable electricity: Enabling to the growing population to get access to stable supply services, contribute to the sustainability, making it possible for all households, including those in apartment buildings, to generate renewable power and secure price stability in the long run.

To face these challenges, the concept of Virtual Power Plants (VPP) platform is here. VPP makes it possible to control the distributed generation and consumption of power in grids. 

Power Purchase Agreement with VPP

A Platform for Everybody!

“Normally 2-3 kW capacity would be sufficient to meet the electricity needs of the vast majority of households.”

IEA, World Energy Outlook 2018

Natural resources like Sun and wind energy belong to everyone.

More more people are discovering the benefits of renewable energy, but not all homes are suitable for solar or wind energy. Some are in the shadows while some others living in residential building blocks of flats needing neighbours’ consent to go ahead with self-installation.

With VPP, it does not matter where you live. VPP is a solution to test and experience the benefits of solar renewable or solar wind in your home. From your home, people simply need to decide whether they want to rent or become a commercial co-owner of a renewable power plant, and the VPP takes care of the rest.

The advantage of this service is a remote solar or wind power plant that can be anywhere in the country while people own a share of it without a substantial, sometimes unaffordable initial investment to reduce their electricity bill and contribute to a sustainable environment. 

For the duration of the project, people can reserve their offset energy in case production exceeds their demand and use, trade or exchange in other points of consumption such as electric vehicles, battery storage systems or carry it forward for the forthcoming months.

Mobility as part of the VPP platform

Consumer habits monitored

Electric vehicles and other mobility solutions like scooters, motorbikes currently used in the big cities of Europe can take advantage of VPP platforms. The use batteries on these vehicles can be used to store energy (electricity) and learn user behaviour.  

Algorithms in the background the VPP can analyze when vehicles are unused. In those times, it decides when is the most suitable period to load their batteries from the grid. Reversely, to decide when its time to partially use this energy to feed heat pumps, air colling systems, boilers and other appliances at home.

All electrical consumers – being now small producers also – over a VPP can interact one with each other to connect into a regenerative production plan in such a way bundled VPP sum up all generation and consumption data. The key objective is then to balance the energy that is produced with consumption in the grid in the most effective way.

In brief…

VPP platform enables you to purchase (or rent) a share of a remote power plant which is located in a convenient place for everybody and with the optimal weather condiction for maximizing the yield generation.
Smart electricity meters monitor your consumption habits: At home, in the office and virtually anywhere, even transportation
With a remote renewable power plant which generates electricity supplied to the grid, the operator compares your total amount of electricity consumed with the remote contribution of your power plant.
At the end of each calendar month, you receive an invoice for the difference between your electricity consumption and the amount of electricity generated by your remote solar plant, and the cost of using the grid services. Surpluses of energy are saved and carried forward for future usage within the national boundaries

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