How Digitalization is transforming the energy sector

How Digitalization is transforming the energy sector

The digital technologies underlying competitive thrusts are altering with unique effects in many sectors.

As Cloud Computing and Big Data technologies are gaining momentum, they are profoundly changing the context, altering competitive approach, performance across industries, and, ultimately, the way of doing business.

In particular, and in the energy sector, monitoring and managing events sensible operational data is an essential feature for harnessing the power of edge-to-cloud solutions. 

Amber is currently engaging in cutting-edge solutions, connecting assets and their existing monitor conditions through enhanced data collections via IoT/OT with alerts to manage incidents and their re-occurrences more proactively and efficiently.  

There are several reasons to leverage Big Data and Cloud Computing: 

  1. Pay-as-you grow: moving from and CAPEX to OPEX model.
  2. Virtually there are no storage/expansion limitations
  3. Harvest and use historian data
  4. Real-time operational intelligence
  5. Hyper targeting of individual power plant components
  6. Brings data warehouse capabilities to all levels of an organization (not just IT or management)
  7. Realize interconnectivity of data between assets
  8. Enabled data catalogued and backing-up.
  9. PPA requirements customer´s analytics: projects don’t live long linear lives!
  10. Predictive analysis: 
  11. Identifications of patterns that may signal a change in normal operational thresholds.
  12. Early identification of critical components defection

By leveraging on Cloud Computing and BD Analytics, we improve downtimes and corrective maintenance costs as well as preserve Environmental and Health & Safety targets of existing and future assets.


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