Sustainable Development Goals: What does it means?

Sustainable Development Goals: What does it means?

As a result of the 2015 UN Summit in which options to secure the sustainability of our Planet towards 2030, 17 goals were set.

Taking over the previous (Millennium Development) goals – more focused on social problems in developing regions instead – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) extend enhanced the views to also environmental and economic problems worldwide. They now cover social, environmental, economic and sustainability issues altogether.

New objectives stress on the actions to address issues derived from climate change, whose effects are increasingly appreciated. The UN realized then that it is now imperative to carry out holistic changes in all areas of economic activity requiring large companies to respond to such agreement and to include in their policies, the necessary measures to contribute to the achievement of the largest number of possible goals. Moreover, countries are also responsible for promoting as well as evaluating the deployment in their companies and institutions.

All the policies adopted following the SDGs represent a declaration of intent. Anti-corruption, environment protection, circular economy and reduction of social imbalances are phenomenons that seriously affect financial prospects and public reputation of firms since corporate social responsibility and public image always go hand in hand.

AMBER works to increase the contribution to a large number of SDGs through its Corporate Social Responsibility department. During 2019, we launched several initiatives aimed to help groups at risk of social exclusion and the protection of the environment.

The purpose of the SDGs is based on the idea that the world can be as equal and respectful as possible with all forms of life in pursuit of a fairer and more balanced future, which provides the opportunity for companies and businesses.

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