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About us

Founded in 2013, Amber is a global engineering and consulting firm for power and water sectors to the next-generation of projects worldwide.

” With unique innovative thinking, our international perspective mobilizes cross-sector insights for best results. We use our know-how always to provide compelling solutions in terms of efficiency, time and cost to our customer.”

Our team is committed to increasing the profitability of our clients by maximizing sustainable outcomes, advancing in best practices to become the partner of choice.

Our team members have provided services to a wide variety of international projects comprising a generation portfolio of more than 6,900 MW of power and investment value over $18 billion.

about us

Vision & Values

Our global vision, mission and values
articulate every single thing Ats does. The ingenuity, inventing capacity and…

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Global Presence

From its beginnings, AMBER has deployed its activities on international projects across Europe, Asia, NASA & MENA regions…

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Our People: Our Assets

The quality and quantity of the services rendered by our people determine the main reason to get AMBER involved in any given…

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Our expertise at your service


Conventional Power

Power generation from conventional sources such as coal, gas, oil and diesel continues to provide a significant share of global electricity production. Renewable contribution is significant…

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Ats helps clients to develop and run reliable solar projects making use of successful background of the team. Solar energy can be commercially captured by two key methods to produce…

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Water Desalination

The desalination market is changing rapidly and is progressively competing more closely with other water production methods. Ats offers a wide range of services for multiple technologies

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The technology obtains electricity by way of the strength of the wind. Wind kinetic energy moves a propeller and through a mechanical system it turns the rotor of a generator…

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AMBER provides full technical services to a diverse range of clients worldwide.  Our services include:


  • Civil, Mechanical, Process, Electrical, I&C
  • Basic & detailed Design elaboration and review
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications
  • Owner’s Engineer and Project Management Control


  • Fatal flaw analysis
  • Feasibility studies covering all aspects of plant development and infrastructure
  • Technology reviews
  • Lenders’ Engineer services for project finance and asset acquisitions
  • Grid connection and transmission network studies
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Tender review and contract negotiations
  • Plant efficiency modelling and simulations
  • Cost control & drawdown payment certifications

Technical Services

  • Operations Performance Monitoring
  • Assets Management
  • Integrated Management System
  • Pass / SaaS integration: Weather Forecasting, Billing & Invoicing, Plant Account Settlement System)
  • Spares Inventory Management
  • Special Tools and consumables
  • Provision of Manpower and training
  • Industrial Cleaning services

Site Review

Resource Assessment

Design Review

Technology Assessment

Energy Yield estimation

Environmental Review

Technical Due Diligence

Market & Strategy

Contracts Review

Bid Proposal preparation

MFS/OTS compilance

Budget & Schedule Review

Project Design Review

Construction monitoring

Quality control


Technical Services

Quality Control

FAT certification

Drawdown certificates

Commissioning Monitoring

Asset Management

Progress Control

Cost Control

Efficiency Optimisation

KPI´s records

O&M Services

Outsourced services

Billing Conciliation

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance